coming soon

I had four novellas released in 2017:

  • The Play of His Life: April 2017
  • As Big As the Sky: August 2017
  • Picture Winter: October 2017
  • Ballerina Dad: December 2017

I loved working on these novellas and they helped me become a stronger writer and get my name out there into the reader world.

I'm taking a break from writing novellas for the moment so I can focus on longer projects. Here are two full-length novels I'm currently working on that I hope you'll see released sometime in 2018.

On the IceĀ is about a flirty college hockey player who meets his match in a demisexual pro player. Tentative release day: May 2018.

The Heights is about a dancer from NYC who moves to Oregon to open up his own dance studio and discovers that his childhood was a lie, and a grumpy woodworker who's just trying to make his deceased dad's dreams come true. Tentative release day: September 2018.