This was simply adorable and I loved it so much. It was so refreshing to see a different kind of romantic relationship than what is often seen in romance novels. Xander and Skylar were so cute together, and I have to be honest, I almost stopped reading at about 70% because I afraid there was going to be this awful Black Moment, something that split them up temporarily before they found there way back to each other. I'm so happy that didn't happen, so happy Ms. Cullinan chose a different direction than what, again, you often see in romance novels.

Xander and Skylar both have baggage and family issues to deal with, but I love that they deal with them together. And I loved how they dealt with Skylar's emerging sexuality as a couple, by communicating and being honest. I just loved them all around, they worked so great together.

The epilogue had me smiling all the way through and it also made me cry. Sad tears because the story was over, and happy tears because of the beautiful picture Ms. Cullinan paints with her words in the final few paragraphs.

This was a beautiful and sweet story, although I would have liked to see a more conclusive resolution between Xander and his mom.

The cast of secondary characters were great, although it did take me quite some time to warm up to Zelda. They were abrasive and aggressive, but after the talk in the car with Skylar, I warmed up to them slightly, although to be honest, I could've done without this character. I found them unnecessarily rude and brash. For someone who's asexual/aromantic (if I remember correctly), Zelda probably gets stereotyped against all the time, and yet they spent a few scenes berating Xander for having anything to do with Skylar, a frat boy. Because apparently all frat boys are douchebags. Anyway, thankfully Zelda wasn't in the book too much.

Full disclosure: I almost DNF'd somewhere around 20% because the story starts off slowly. But once Xander and Skylar start to get to know each other, I couldn't put it down.

There have been reviews that state that this book is a bad representation of ace spectrum characters because the ace character (Skylar) has to be rescued by the allosexual one (Xander). While I do agree to some agree, I was also never personally convinced that Xander is actually allosexual. To me he read more as somewhere on the ace spectrum. That being said, this is a subjective topic, so I will caution against the book if you're sensitive to this or identify on the ace spectrum. Personally, I do identify on the ace spectrum, but because I never considered Xander as strictly allosexual, I didn't see it as an issue, although I do understand how and why others do.

All in all, five stars from me despite some of the issues I identified above, simply because Xander and Skylar were so utterly adorable together.