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What happens when two Capricorns fall in love?

Do something new today.

Why he looks at his horoscope every day, Elias Hood doesn’t know. It’s all garbage, and no nickel fortune ever helped him climb all the way up the corporate ladder. He’s about to make Vice President. Rocking the boat with “something new” is the last thing on his mind.

But there’s this guy.

Ty Green can make friends with a tree and Elias can’t help falling for his easy-going vibe and his perfect smile. He’s a fellow Capricorn, like Elias, but that’s as far as their similarities go. Ty works to live—he doesn’t live to work. When Elias takes his horoscope’s advice and asks Ty out, both men are in for a shock. But as Elias’s walls start to come down, they might just realize that they have more in common than they think. In fact, they might even want the exact same thing.

Who knows? Maybe horoscopes aren’t just trash after all.

[Picture Winter is a 47,000-word novella.]

Cover art by Melody Pond.


"Amy Aislin satisfies once again with Picture Winter." — 4.5 stars from Jen at Dog-Eared Daydreams

"There’s not a whole lot to say, this was just a really well-written, sweet, sexy, and at times, laugh out loud funny, feel good story and with barely a touch of angst. Very recommendable!" — 4.5 stars from Tracy at Bayou Book Junkie

"If you’re in the mood for a low-angst, sweet romance with a nice dash of heat, you’ll find that here in Picture Winter." — 4 stars from Carra at Making it Happen Book Blog

"I simple enjoyed these characters and praise the author on her characterizations. I dare you to one click." — 4.5 stars from Goodreads reviewer, Cee Brown

"I think that this story was perfectly done for these characters." – 4 stars from Alisa at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

"With lightness and levity, author Amy Aislin creates an adorable love story worth reading." — 4 stars from Goodreads reviewer, Sara Bauer

"I would recommend this one for sure, particularly if you're looking for a light and sweet read." — 4 stars from Goodreads reviewer, Lauren

"I'm a sucker for a good read and this book fit the ticket." — 4 stars from Goodreads reviewer, Sandy

"I enjoyed this so very much, everything about this winter romance was quietly wonderful. It's terrifically low in angst, very refreshing to read a story that was just happy all over." — 4 stars from Goodreads reviewer, Anu

"This was an enjoyable read. While it isn’t full of drama or action, sometimes you need an amusingly sweet book like this to hit the spot." — 4 stars from Donna at Love Bytes Reviews