Game Changer

Book two of the Vancouver Orcas trilogy

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It’s Blair Brawsiski’s ride or die year. After a decade in the AHL, if he doesn’t get called up to the NHL this season, it’s time to hang up his skates and focus on other things. But between a second job and family priorities, his attention isn’t where it should be, and his dreams of making it to the big leagues are dwindling by the day.

Hiring a personal assistant to help out with day-to-day stuff? Probably the smartest move Blair’s made in a while.

But when that PA turns out to be an assertive baker who’s exactly Blair’s type? Blair can’t help but wish those dexterous hands would knead something other than pastry dough. Namely, him.

Charlie Shore needs extra income. Desperately. With his expenses about to go up, it’s find a second job or get evicted. Getting hired as Blair’s PA is perfect: flexible hours, decent wages, and a scorching hot professional hockey player who’s willing to let him use his gorgeous kitchen for his baked goods.

Too bad that hockey player is exactly Charlie’s type. Too bad Charlie knows better than to date his new boss…

This special edition paperback includes a few extras!

  • Special formatting.
  • A bonus scene featuring Charlie and Blair.
  • Six custom illustrations featuring scenes from the book.

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“I’ve been looking forward to Charlie’s story and it was amazing! Amy has done a beautiful job writing Charlie and Blair’s story. Emotional, sweet, witty… This was an amazing story with heart and it was worth the wait!”


Reviewer, Bookbub

“I absolutely loved both characters. Blair and Charlie’s story was so sweet…this book gave such feel good energy from this pair of MCs.”


Reviewer, Bookbub

“I loved this sweet hockey romance with characters that felt so genuine. I went in expecting an engaging sports romance and I got so much more… humour, affection, MCs who had real baggage holding them back that they inspired each other to put down and go after what they really want. I loved Blair and Charlie’s story of falling in love.”


Reviewer, Bookbub