free reads

Who doesn't like free stuff!? Click below to read the short story of your choice. Note that these are unedited, so if I've missed a typo, please let me know! With the exception of Christmas On the Ice and The Nature of Christmas, these free reads were written as part of a writing class. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy reading.

The Nature of Christmas

Misadventures with a onesie, featuring Ash and Dan from The Nature of the Game. 2.7K words.

Christmas On the Ice

All Mitch wants is to go home for the holidays, but a family emergency causes him to miss his flight. 3.7K words.

Ballerina Dad

Hockey player Pat takes his daughter to ballet class for the first time. 700 words.

Banking on a Date

A charming yet somewhat-klutzy man attempts to ask his crush out on a date. 870 words.

On Target

Long-time partners in the personal security firm they both work for, Richard and Miles have their target in site. 1300 words.

The Red Dress

What do you wear on a first date? 800 words.