My newest novella, Picture Winter, was released from MLR Press on October 6, and I have to admit that I'm completely overwhelmed at the positive early reviews. To see some of those reviews, check out the book's page here.

To promote my book, I took part in a review tour and six-day blog tour.


It's incredibly difficult to come up with six unique blog posts! Nevertheless, persist I did, and this is what happened:

Day 1—Where Endings are New Beginnings, where I talk about the inspiration behind Picture Winter and what made me write about two Capricorns falling in love.

Day 2—I played a game of "Most Likely To" with my characters, Elias and Ty, on Love Bytes Reviews. Find out who's most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Day 3—Part I of a fun character interview can be found over at The Novel Approach. What are Elias and Ty's pet peeves, you ask? Head on over and find out!

Day 4—Part II of Elias and Ty's character interview is over at MM Good Book Reviews. Find out where they're heading on their summer vacation!

Day 5—I hung out at Diverse Reader, where I talked about some of my favourite insta-lovey books. Picture Winter may or may not be an instal-love book depending on the review you read. I personally don't think it is because the story takes place over a couple of months, but I leave the final verdict up to you!

Day 6—Head on over to Alpha Book Club to find out more about the setting of Picture Winter, why I set the story there, and why Elias and Ty live where they do.

If you followed my on my blog tour, thank you! I hope you enjoy some of the little tidbits I share and I hope you love Elias and Ty as much as I do.