Welcome to my November blog post. In today’s post:

  • My favourite reads of November.
  • What I’m looking forward to reading in December.
  • A writing update:
    • The blurb for Game On (Vancouver Orcas 3), in case you missed it last month.
    • The Christmas Falls series so far.
    • How Melnik’s story is coming along.
    • An update on the Vancouver Orcas series covers (hint: they’re changing).
  • A FREE anthology available for a very (VERY) limited-time.

Favourite November reads

There were three books that I listened to on audio that I absolutely loved.

The first is Malum Discordiae by Ashlyn Drewek. This dark paranormal romance is a true enemies to lovers romance with an extra helping of starcrossed lovers. The sons of two families who’ve been at war for centuries must learn to work together. It’s got witches, necromancers, and magic!

The second is The Unmaking of June Farrow by Adrienne Young, an adult fantasy-ish novel (it’s more magical realism, really) that took me by the throat and never let go. This was so damn good, with twists and turns I didn’t see coming, and I couldn’t get enough.

The third is The Language of Love and Loss by Bart Yates, which I think was recommended to me by someone in my Facebook group. I struggled with this at first. I didn’t click with the story until probably somewhere early in chapter 3 and I almost DNF’d. But I kept going (mostly because I had a 20-minute drive to get to an appointment and I didn’t have anything else to listen to)…and I’m so glad I did! The main character, Noah, is kind of a judgemental prick at times, but I loved the relationship between him and his mom, and I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen between him and his high school sweetheart, J.D. By the time this ended, I was in love.

Books I’m looking forward to reading in December

I had Twelve Bones by Rosie Talbot on my November TBR, but I never got around to it, so I’m re-adding it for December. It’s the sequel to Sixteen Souls, which I read earlier this year and loved, so I’m going to try very hard to make time for it!

I always enjoy Eli Easton’s holiday romances, and this year’s release, Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes looks super cute. It’s got a Christmas road trip, forced proximity, and an opposites attract romance.

On the writing front

Game On (Vancouver Orcas 3)

I just got Game On back from my copyeditor and it will be going to my proofreader today! The editing process is so far coming along nicely, which means I can get this into Aaron Hokanson’s hands on time for him to narrate the audiobook so that it releases at the same time as the ebook.

Game On will release on January 30 in ebook, paperback, and audio, and in case you missed the blurb reveal last month, here it is again:


When he broke off his engagement to his team captain’s brother the day before their wedding, Jamie Jamieson swore he’d never get involved with anyone associated with a teammate again. Getting traded to the Orcas is a chance at a fresh start, but one glance at his new housemate, and Jamie knows he’s in way over his head.

Dorian is his new coach’s cousin. And his team’s social media coordinator. And his housemate.

It’s the trifecta of bad ideas.

Dorian Shore doesn’t do hockey. He’s lived by that rule for years, ever since a season playing as a kid left him with emotional scars. But his new housemate—a big, buff, beautiful athlete who gets under his skin—makes him seriously consider doing a hockey player.

It’s not a good idea.
They live together.
They work together.

When the sparks between them ignite, will it be game on or game over?


You can pre-order Game On here.

Christmas Falls Multi-Author Series

As of today, FIVE books in the multi-author Christmas Falls series have been released out into the wild.

Grinch Kisses by DJ Jamison
Snowbody Loves Me by Jacki James
Get Frosted by me!
Silent Knight by Beth Bolden
Under the Mistle-Tome by Sammi Cee

The rest of the series, books 6-9, will release twice a week until December 15.

December 5: Clausing a Scene by Casey Cox
December 8: No Elfing Way by Hayden Hall
December 12: Ready, Set, Glow! by Rye Cox
December 15: Scrooge You! by Brigham Vaughn

If you’re a fan of low-angst, small town, Christmas romances, grab them today and find out why readers have been loving this series!

Melnik’s Story: Walking on Broken Paths

Melnik’s story, Walking on Broken Paths, is coming along…slowly. Full disclosure: I’m two weeks behind on this book, which I don’t love, but it’s not enough for me to panic.


I can catch up provided I keep my head down and get the words written. I think part of the problem is that this story is a bit of a departure for me. It’s not your typical Amy Aislin novel. It’ll deal with grief and moving on from losing a loved one: not the lighter topics you know me for, and I’m struggling to get my head in the right space for that.

Vancouver Orcas Series Covers


Here’s the deal with the Vancouver Orcas covers.

The deal is that, unfortunately, my cover designer for books one and two is unable to complete the cover for the third book due to personal reasons. And because it wouldn’t be ethically or legally acceptable for a different designer to copy the same look and feel of books one and two for book three, the series is getting re-covered.

I don’t love this. And I expect you don’t either, especially if you own Game Plan or Game Changer in paperback and were looking forward to having a matching third paperback.

There isn’t anything that can be done, however, and I’m so sorry for this cover swap mid-series.

The good news? Cover designer extraordinaire LC Chase is already on the case! She’s working on revamping the series covers using the same models from books one and two, but on a cover that has a different look and feel than the existing ones. While I’m sad to say goodbye to the existing covers, I know LC will do a fabulous job of re-covering them, and I know they’ll be equally as amazing as the originals.

For those of you with the illustrated special edition paperbacks, there will be one for book three! In fact, I’ve just seen a sketch of the illustrated cover for Game On and it might be my favourite one yet!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about this.

FREE until December 16!

Hey, Amy! What is this free anthology of which you speak?

Glad you asked!

In the past couple of months, you might’ve seen me teasing a short story I wrote set in the Stick Side world. Well, that short story is available in this Christmas m/m romance hockey anthology, which is FREE, but only until December 16.

The caveat? You must agree to sign up for all participating authors’ newsletters. But you can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

Pucking Around (An MM Holiday Hockey Anthology) includes eight holiday hockey stories from m/m romance authors and is meant to deck your halls and make your season bright! Check out these fun and festive stories from:

  • Me!
  • Brigham Vaughn
  • Hope Irving
  • Jeff Adams
  • K.C. Kassidy
  • Kimberly Knight and Rachel Lyn Adams
  • Susan Scott Shelley and Chantal Mer
  • Victoria Denault

My short story is called Shutout and features a side character from the Stick Side universe first introduced in The Nature of the Game: Staples. He makes a very brief reappearance in Risking the Shot and a bigger one in Two-Man Team.

Don’t remember who he is? Never read the Stick Side series? That’s okay! You don’t need prior knowledge of the series to enjoy Shutout!

This is the only time Shutout will be free. Once the anthology download period ends on December 16, I’ll be making Shutout available for purchase on Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and everywhere else ebooks are sold.

Are you ready to download your copy of the anthology? CLICK HERE TO DO SO!

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of Staples’ childhood friends to lovers romance!