My newest novella, As Big As the Sky, was released from MLR Press on August 4, just over two weeks ago, and I have to admit that I'm completely overwhelmed at the positive early reviews. To see some of those reviews, check out the book's page here.

To promote my book, I took part in a review tour and five-day blog tour.


The most important thing I learned is that it's damn hard to come up with five unique blog posts! Nevertheless, persist I did, and this is what happened:

Day 1—Bayou Book Junkie, where I talk about As Big As the Sky and some of the inspiration behind it.

Day 2—Diverse Reaser. In As Big As the Sky, Bo, one of the main characters, has a love of comic books and manga. In this blog post I talk about some of my own favourite comics and manga.

Day 3—Love Bytes Reviews. Here I talk about my writing process and discuss what's next for me in my writing.

Day 4—MM Good Book Reviews, where I talk a little bit about me. You can read about me on my website's "About" page, but in this blog post I go into further detail, share some of the best places I've travelled, and partake in a rapid-fire round of questions!

Day 5—My Fiction Nook. In As Big As the Sky, the main characters both have their own hobbies, so in My Fiction Nook's blog post, I talk about some of my own.

If you followed my on my blog tour, thank you! I hope you enjoy some of the little tidbits I share and I hope you love Sam and Bo as much as I do.