At the beginning of 2019, I gave myself the goal of reading books outside the m/m romance genre. So I read some young adult novels too and found a few favourites. You can check out my 2019 reading summary on Goodreads. Below are my favourites, by category and in no particular order. Click the cover images to be taken to that book's Amazon page.

young adult contemporary

This novel is a freakin' knock out! It's a beautiful reminder to live life to its fullest and cherish the people you love. You'll meet Brooks, a teen with cystic fibrosis, and swoon-worthy Darien, the boy who loves him no matter what.

A beautifully heartbreaking and emotional story about a nonbinary teen who gets kicked out of his house and the anxiety and depression he learns to deal with as a result, all the while adjusting to a new living situation and a new school. An absolutely stunning book!

Be still my fluff-loving heart. Nick and Charlie are just the epitome of adorableness.

young adult fantasy

I don’t even know what to say about this book except that it was perfection. I was hooked by the end of the prologue. It was a 5-star read by the end of chapter 1. Just excellent. If that's not enough to convince you: war, politics, air planes, star-crossed love.

A stunning debut novel. A lot of the elements reminded me of Throne of Glass, but this is SO much better written. Loved all of the characters and the story, and can’t wait to read more.

A fast-paced, high-adventure conclusion to the Stream Raiders series that I never wanted to put down.

A lot of fun, fast-paced, funny, and with great characters.

It was funny, suspenseful, angsty, had a great storyline and great main characters in Lou and Reid.

It’s more violent that I tend to like, but I ended up adoring it and couldn’t put it down. An unexpected surprise.

Fantastic book about girl power that has a great girls-can-do-anything plot without the man-bashing that frequently accompanies this sort of message.

m/m contemporary romance

A lovely Christmas romance!

Fluffy, adorable Christmas romance!

Adored this! Not too angsty, super cute, full of feels.

A beautiful love story about childhood boyfriends withstanding what life throws at them over ten years and never giving up on each other.

I love this entire series, but Ghost’s story was simply fabulous! The character development in this one was amazing.

Mushy, insta-lovey, fluffy sweetness at its best. Perfect for the holiday season. It was funny, it was steamy, it was heartbreaking. I just adored this holiday anthology.

Break my heart, why don't you, Layla.

It was funny and heartwarming, but above all, hopeful. I smiled through the whole thing, and for the first time while reading, I cried happy tears. The perfect romcom.

A beautiful story with great MCs and wonderful and emotional art.

m/m paranormal romance

An opposites-attract, slow-burn romance that was exquisite and angsty, but full of so much heart.

I absolutely adored these novels and I fell in love with both Wes and Hudson.

Wes and Hudson are one of my favourite couples of the year.

I adored the MCs, I loved how fast they bonded and how well they communicated. Fun, light-hearted, and low angst.

m/m romantic suspense

The slowest of slow burns! Private detectives who have been best friends for years and may or may not be in love with each other 🤣

This whole series is great, but this one especially. I loved all of the tender moments between Chris and Hawes.

A perfect conclusion to the Trouble Brewing series, this book was everything I wanted for the finale.

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